Bring Life Back to Old Pieces!

Taking old furniture and updating it with a fresh paint color in a lacquer finish is a great way to repurpose pieces you already own. Whether you’re trying to spice up something you’ve grown bored of or something you bought at a tag sale, this technique is budget-friendly and manageable for a weekend project.

Carol has just finished rejuvenating some pieces for her new Florida home—take a peak below! She has an extensive Art Deco furniture collection, including the bar cart—bought in London while traveling—and desk above.

Art Deco pieces are great styles to transform because their lines and shapes lend themselves to the high gloss painted lacquer finish, creating an exciting, new look.

If the piece you’re refurbishing is painted or stained like the bar cart above, you’ll need to sand down to the naked state of the wood first. Then, use 2 coats of Bondo filler and 3 coats of primer. Be sure to sand lightly in between each layer for a nice, smooth finish.

Then, you’re ready for your first coat of lacquer. We recommend a spray lacquer over brush-on, as application is easier. (But be sure your space is outdoors or well-ventilated!) Apply 2-4 coats, being sure to sand in between each. Finish off the piece with 2-4 clear coats.

For the dresser above, the wood frame was re-finished and only the drawers were lacquered to create a truly uniquely designed piece. We used the same hardware, just polishing it to make it look brand new.

We’ve found an amazing refinisher in Florida who does the gorgeous lacquer finish you see the in the photos. If you have a piece that needs refreshing, contact us so we can get you an estimate.

Happy refurbishing—and don’t be shy with color! The color used on the bar cart is Benjamin Moore’s Bahaman Sea Blue (2055-40), a fabulous turquoise and Carol’s favorite color!

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