Interior Colors: Gone to the Dogs

Recently I was in dogged pursuit of the perfect neutral paint color for my Scarsdale client’s hall and dining room when I realized the answer was sitting, and staying, right in front of me: Bequia, the homeowner’s gorgeous Weimaraner. Why not, I thought, try to match the luminous, deep neutral tones in Bequia’s coat; it could never be described as boring beige or nondescript grey. To my delight, I found Benjamin Moore‘s Weimaraner (AF-155) a perfect match to Bequia—and convenient for those unlucky dogs lacking their own best-friend inspiration. In the living room, I further matched a rug to Bequia (an easy-maintenance treat for my client), and the walls are the beautiful steel blue of a Weimaraner puppy’s eyes (Bachelor Blue, Benjamin Moore #1629).

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