Spring Fever

Spring is in the air…well, not exactly with a new snow storm every week like we have been having lately in the New York area. But with each day getting a little longer, it makes me think of those long summer nights that I really love. The best way to enjoy the warm weather is to extend your living space outside. Maximize all of the spaces that you have: patios, porches, decks and those sometimes forgotten screened-in or second floor sleeping porches that are often present in historic homes.

Last year, I decided to literally extend my living room outside two sets of French Doors by renovating a porch that is off the room. I added a new weather resistant Mahogancy floor, fresh paint, ceiling fans, an area rug and comfortable outdoor furniture. Now my family uses this space that in the past sat empty. Our living area is increased during the good weather without having the expense of building an addition or remodeling. Since it is conveniently located off of one of my main family living areas, it is easy to access. It also allows for overflow of guests when entertaining and creates a small division for privacy when my children have their friends over or my husband and I entertain. To extend the period of time that we can use the porch, I found an electric heater that heats a 12 ft radius.  Along with taking the chill out on a cool Autumn day, I really like how visually appealing it is – it blends right into the porch decor.

Start dreaming about your new outdoor spaces and make a plan to spruce them up this spring! I promise this will make the winter seem to go a little bit faster. One of the sites that I used for inspiration was a website that is dedicated to porches: http://www.front-porch-ideas-and-more.com/three-season-porch.html

If you would like help with designing the porch of your dreams, contact us at DeBear Designs.

Porch Image Source: Veranda Magazine, Thibault Jeanson

Northgate Traditional Electric Floor Heater - Endless Summer

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  1. Thank you for helping me think about spring and using my outdoor space. The creative juices are starting to flow, despite the cold!

  2. Great ideas for making your space even warmer, more inviting and unique!

    Looking forward to more insightful information.

  3. Spring makes me realize that I have many renovations to do, including some roof and gutter work thanks to our recent storms. And, yes I’d love to do some work on my patio while I’m at it to extend it’s utility beyond warm summer days. I’ve certainly enjoyed your porch renovation!

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