Luxury Home Office For Two

Making your space a 24 hour luxury living center- the new normal

More people than ever are now experiencing life working from home and desire a luxury living center. For most this has been a dream come true as the long commutes, small talk at the water cooler, and overly air conditioned office spaces are now a thing of the past, but it doesn’t mean working from home is easy. One of the hardest parts of remote work is staying productive; there are already a hundred types of distractions in your daily life, and being in your own home all day can only increase that number. However, making a few simple changes to your work environment can go a long way to helping you stay on track throughout the day – read the article below as it explores a few tips on how to decorate your home office to achieve productivity.

luxury living Home Decor Accessories


Each of us has our own preferences and styles when it comes to the soft furnishings and accessories of a room; you may prefer blinds over curtains, you may like prints instead of paintings, or you might hate the idea of rugs. However, your likes and dislikes are not the most important part of decorating your home office. The important design tip to remember is don’t have too much of any of it. Your remote work space should reflect your personality in the accessories–after all, this is where you will spend the majority of your day, so you want to have what you like–but it is essential you do not clutter up the area. Minimizing your office decor will help you focus, help keep your mind organized, and reduce your stress levels.  All key components to a productive work environment.


The colors you choose will impact your productivity greatly, so take the time to get this part right. Due to a mixture of societal, psychological, and biological reasons, colors have a significant effect on your mood. The wrong colors in your office really can decrease your work rate or increase stress levels, but the right color choices have the opposite effect. Some of the best color options for a highly productive and positive color sensory experience are listed below from my favorite Farrow & Ball colors.


Farrow & Ball Vardo No.288

Blue has been shown to lower blood pressure, soothe the mind, and reduce anxiety.


Farrow & Ball Olive No.13

Due to its evoking nature, green has an immediately calming impact on your brain, and is harmonious with your thought processes.


Farrow & Ball Brassica No.271

This color is recommended for restoring inner peace and bringing balance to your stress levels. It’s even recommended as the color a room should be in order to get the best out of meditation.

When choosing your color, the shade you pick is also important. Avoid bright, moody, or distracting colors as these will hinder you, not help. If color overwhelms you, you can always schedule a color consultation with me and I would be happy to help select the best color for you and your space.

Citrus Essential Oils


As with colors, there are some smells that will help you and some you should stay away from. When deciding on your candles and room sprays for your office, it is vital you do not fall into the trap of thinking soothing smells such as lavender and jasmine are the best option. These scents will make you feel overly relaxed or sleepy, so while they may be good for your bedroom, they should stay out of your office. The best aromas for your remote work environment are ones like peppermint or citrus fruits–the freshness of these will help you stay alert.

Working from home can create its own challenges, but by making a few changes that can help you adjust to your new life, you will have a greater chance at being able to be productive and stress free at the same time. 

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